Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology

myStaffingPro is pleased to once again be awarded Brandon Hall’s Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology. myStaffingPro was recognized for its vast number of social mediaSales2013-Gold-small.jpg tools that assist with and strengthen social recruiting activities, including one-click access to the company’s social media pages, requisition posting to Twitter and Facebook, an RSS feed of job openings, a “share” button allowing candidates to easily share openings with their networks, and social media sign-on with contact information and work history parsing capabilities.

The entries were evaluated by a panel of veteran, independent senior industry experts, Brandon Hall Group senior analysts and executive leadership based upon the product innovation, unique differentiator, value proposition, and measureable results.

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Applicant Tracking Treats

This Halloween, treat yourself to something delicious with myStaffingPro applicant tracking system. Although we aren’t made of candy corn, or even pumpkin, myStaffingPro does offer these delicious treats:

  • Mobile career site that allows applicants to apply with their mobile phone
  • Social media tools that enable recruiters to share openings, and applicants to parse information into their online application. Recruiters benefit from an increased recruiting reach, elevated employment brand, and transparency, while applicants enjoy a shorter application process.
  • Award-winning candidate experience (Our customer, Midmark Corporation, is a recurring winner of the CandEs)

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Success with Free Recruiting Tools

Once again, we’d like to tip our hat to our customer, Midmark Corporation. In 2012, they achieved recruiting success using a variety of myStaffingPro’s free recruiting tools. According to our sourcing reports, 38.5% of applicants and 10.3% of hires are from these free tools.


% Apps



Social Media






Free Job Boards







Furthermore, the traffic from these FREE recruiting tools brought in more applicants than:

  • Agencies
  • College/Universities
  • Community Organizations
  • Job/Career Fairs
  • Newspapers
  • Word of Mouth

As with the overall traffic, the number of candidates hired from myStaffingPro’s free recruiting tools exceeded those hired from newspapers, career fairs, community organizations, etc. Congratulations to Midmark on their execution of our free recruiting tools! We can’t wait to see how successful you are in 2013.

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Social Media Recruiting Success Story

LMidmark Case Study - Copyooking to get employee involvement in social media? Take a cue from our customer, Midmark Corporation.

Get the Midmark Corporation Case Study

The case study explores Midmark Corporation’s recruiting challenges and identifies how:

  • Social media expanded their recruiting reach
  • Internal employees were educated and encouraged to participate in social media
  • myStaffingPro provided the tools and technology to achieve their goal

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Recruiting Techniques for Facebook

Recruiting techniques using social media employs an entirely different approach than that of traditional recruiting methods. There is a vast cyber landscape of thousands of job seekers and passive applicants to tap into, who are all using the Internet.

Facebook Social Media Business Profile

First and foremost, ensure that the company or business recruitment page is designed well on Facebook. This can be accomplished by ensuring that:

  • A Facebook business or careers page is created, using proper guidelines.
  • The Facebook business social media page is regularly viewed, updated and revised as appropriate.
  • Plenty of engaging content, photos, events and videos to entice prospective candidates is included.
  • Ads are created and used with the Facebook account.
  • Statistics are tracked for both the Facebook social media page and the ads.

Facebook Content Recruitment Strategies

  • Develop the best web content and information possible that speaks to the business environment to which you want to attract recruits. The best talent will respond to the most relevant information that job seekers and professionals desire.Emphasize how working with the company will benefit the applicant, such as competitive salaries, flexible work environments and growth capability. Put all of this information in social media blogs, articles and on other social media sites and then connect it to the main Facebook hub.
  • Interact with fans. Respond to each and every request. When a particular comment seems relevant or useful, validate it by continuing the conversation.Post regular status updates, but refrain from bombarding fans with too many news feeds. Pull the information about fans into a separate document for possible use in future recruitment efforts and for other social media marketing efforts.
  • Designate a specific person to respond to fans for consistency. This can also create a more personal approach so that potential candidates can get a glimpse into what it might be like to work at the company.
  • Post pictures. Use photos from the company workplace and events. This will give potential applicants a feel of what kind of environment they may work in.Candidates could have a more serious interest in your company, when connected with visual images. Photos can also inspire more social media interaction. Use and monitor Facebook Insights to determine the most popular posts.
  • Include creative videos that describe what it is like to work at the company, with actual employees whenever possible. Highlight the main advantages associated with working in that environment.

myStaffingPro Contest: Submit an Image to Win!

1…2…3… CHEESE!!! (click!) We all know what this means, it’s time to take that photo! I know some of us out there don’t necessarily enjoy having our picture taken, but how much would you enjoy it if your picture could win you some big cash?

Starting June 1st, myStaffingPro is hosting the myImage Contest. The myImage Contest allows contestants to post a picture of themselves using myStaffingPro applicant tracking system on the web. Contestants can submit entries by posting their image to social media sites or by emailing them to “marketing (at)”. Contestants will be entered into the drawing for every picture submitted. Those that post their entries on social media sites will be entered twice into the drawing.

How to submit entries:

On Facebook

  1. Take picture
  2. Upload to Facebook
  3. Tag myStaffingPro Applicant Tracking System

On Twitter

  1. Take picture
  2. Upload to Twitter
  3. Tag @mystaffingpro with the hash tag #MSPphoto

By E-mail

  1. Take picture
  2. Upload & save to computer
  3. Attach saved picture in email
  4. Send email to

The rules are simple:

  • Must be 18 years or older to participate
  • If a link is incorporated into your entry, it must point to a URL from myStaffingPro’s marketing website: or from myStaffingPro’s blog address: The URL cannot be linked to the user interface at

Now, you’re probably wondering what’s this “big cash” we’re talking about. Well, after entries are submitted, the first place winner for best photo will receive a $250 Amazon gift card and the runner-up will receive a $100 Amazon gift card. Easy money for something all of us are familiar with already because of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and so on!

So what do you have to lose?! Put your picture-taking skills to the test and submit it before the contest ends July 20th!!!

Be Like Midmark Corporation and Achieve Social Media Recruiting Success

Should we or shouldn’t we.  Should we or shouldn’t we.  I’ve read hundreds, maybe thousands of blogs about social media and recruiting.  As a marketer, I’ve always been on the “for social media” band wagon.  Now, I finally have the proof to back it up!

On Monday, we released a case study in cooperation with Midmark Corporation about how they utilize social media and myStaffingPro applicant tracking system to overcome the recruiting challenge of gaining visibility.

Get the Midmark Corporation Case Study

The case study explores Midmark Corporation’s recruiting challenges and identifies how:

  • Social media expanded their recruiting reach
  • Internal employees were educated and encouraged to participate in social media
  • myStaffingPro provided the tools and technology to achieve their goal

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The Consumerization of IT: CEO & Founder Robert Schulte Weighs In

For human resources professionals, the effects of the consumerization of IT are hard to miss. Even entry-level employees have access to powerful tools, applications and networks in their personal lives. Many organizations find these same technologies infiltrating the workplace. From employee and manager self-service portals to the growing number of social media elements in performance and learning management, the technology employees expect to find in the workplace is changing.

But how will this shift–the consumerization of IT–impact the way an organization recruits, engages and manages its workforce? What opportunities and challenges does it present to human resources? I recently caught up with Robert Schulte, founder and CEO of HR Services Inc. to discuss this trend, and he had some great points:

According to a survey conducted by Avanade, 73% of executives consider the consumerization of IT a top priority,and 79% will make new investments in embracing this trend in 2012. What factors are driving this?

SCHULTE: The shift is happening from the “bottom-up”. Employees are beginning to recognize that technology can make their lives/jobs easier and they are beginning to embrace the software that they used to avoid/detest. Vendors are beginning to understand that they need to make their software “usable not confuse-able”. Software that is easy to use and helps people accomplish tasks will be adopted from the bottom-up. IT professionals will not have to force people to use this type of software, they will simply have to enable them.

There’s a widely-held view that access to consumer technology (social media, the Internet, mobile apps) will offer too many distractions, and negatively impact productivity. Do you agree or disagree?

SCHULTE: Social media, the Internet, mobile apps do have the potential to distract employees from doing their work, but good employees know how to use common sense and discipline to prevent these distractions from impacting the way they work. Poor employees will find other distractions to negatively impact their job (water-cooler gossip, day dreaming, etc.). If you take the lead in providing good direction for employees on how to use these tools to benefit the organization, most will use them to become more productive, not less productive.

Where is the greatest opportunity for Human Resources to embrace the consumerization of IT in their organization? Recruiting? Learning and development? Performance management?

SCHULTE: In that we are a talent acquisition (recruiting) software company, I obviously think that the sourcing and recruiting areas have great opportunities for those who embrace the new social technologies (Facebook, Twitter, SEO, etc). We still see many customers struggling with the way they incorporate these technologies into their recruiting processes. Those that have embraced these concepts are seeing referrals increase and advertising costs decrease.

There’s a lot of conversation around the need for HR to position itself as a more strategic and consultative, rather than administrative and transactional, function. How might consumerization help (or hurt) efforts to that end?

SCHULTE: I believe that a large part of consumerization is shifting to “self-service”. When processes become easy for the employee to perform without interaction from HR, HR has more time to be strategic.

Many organizations struggle with the unique challenges specific to recruiting and managing an increasingly mobile and tech-savvy workforce. How can HR tackle these challenges head on, and support leadership in these endeavors?

SCHULTE: I believe this new mobile, tech-savvy workforce is actually easier to manage. This workforce wants to be given the tools to do the job, but then they want you to get out of the way to let them do their jobs. HR can tackle the challenges by helping to provide an environment that’s focused on getting the job done and is not over-burdened with rules and procedures that make these people less productive.

About Robert: Robert Schulte founded HR Services Inc.  in 1993 after a need arose for a local Human Resources Outsourcing firm. Since inception, Robert’s forward thinking mindset has transformed HR Services Inc. from a HRO to a leading applicant tracking system vendor. As the CEO, Robert oversees the day-to-day operations of HR Services Inc., while also actively participating in the future development of myStaffingPro.

Robert holds a Bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University and a Masters of Business Administration from Ashland University.

About the Author: Kyle Lagunas is the HR Analyst at Software Advice—an online resource for talent management software buyers guides and more. For the full roundtable discussion, find the original post on his blog:

Elevate your Recruiting Initiatives with Talent Communities

Break out of your recruiting monotony by building talent communities.

How?  Get involved with social media and engage with candidates.

Download our free white paper: From Talent Pools to Talent Communities

The purpose of this free white paper is to explain the importance of social media in recruiting.  This guide:

  • Addresses current research into social media trends and practices in human resources
  • Identifies best practices for the strategic integration of social media to build talent communities
  • Outlines the fears and obstacles that are preventing companies from taking advantage of the social media explosion
  • Introduces myStaffingPro Elevate, a recruiting software that integrates social media with your applicant tracking system to reduce your time to hire

5 Reasons Why Employees Should Have Access to Social Media

For the past decade, social media has undergone an evolution few could have predicted. The earliest form of social media was the chat room, where web-savvy friends could connect with one another based on topic, location and more.This led to an understandable bias from management against employees who used social media. However, social media is no longer a virtual toy that steals concentration from professionals on the clock. Here is a look at five reasons to allow or even promote using social media in the workplace.

1. Improved Productivity

The productivity of most modern jobs requires an aptitude for sitting at a computer for long periods of time. The absence of physical stimulus yields an increased likelihood of attention span reduction, so any time it is impractical to organize in-office exercise or manual labor, it actually improves productivity to allow employees the chance to check their social media between tasks. The social activity will provide a quick stimulus charge, then provoke the feeling that they need to get back to work.

2. Recruitment Use

Social networks and media both play a vital role in modern recruitment. This means employees should have access to sites and networks that assist in the development of a strong core team. It also helps connect human resource staff to the best incoming talent in a way interviews do not (a less formal way to learn about a potential hire).

3. Industry-Specific Use

Any journalist, web designer, marketing consultant or related professional will need social media access to be effective. Naturally, this means allowing them to use social networks should be a given, rather than a cause for censure.

4. Promotion of Team Energy

Any time team building is a focus, social media allows employees to get in touch and develop trust very quickly. IT also helps employees develop honest awareness of one another’s competencies, which in turn means that identifying specialists is easier. Rather than having to rotate employees to find the best for a given task,  employees and managers can learn who excels and who struggles with a given task if they have more informal time to learn about one another.

5. Foster a Friendly Environment

The modern workplace is bound to have its ups and downs. Accepting that social media is part of modern life is critical, so rather than fight it like a curmudgeon, embrace it and build rapport with employees.

myStaffingPro applicant tracking system has built in technology to automatically post your job openings to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Simply Hired.  For more information about myStaffingPro, please visit