Dayak – eBay for contingent recruiters?

Dayak is a new online presence developed to make communication between employers and contingent recruiters a lot simpler.  Employers sign up with Dayak and submit jobs they would like contingent recruiters to source for them.  When submitting the job, they enter a fixed price for what they will pay for the job.  Contingent recruiters can then login to Dayak and search the jobs that have been submitted, see the fixed price, and submit candidates.  Any number of contingent recruiters can submit candidates for the jobs.  The employers then review the candidates and request to interview or get more information about the candidates.  All communication between employer and contingent recruiter is through Dayak only.  Once a candidate is hired, Dayak will handle the invoicing and payment to the contingent recruiter.

Benefits to contingent recruiters are that they can have access to a source of employers with no cold calling required.  The benefits to the employers are that they can send all contingent recruiters to Dayak, allowing them to have a central place where they can communicate with contingent recruiters, and limit the amount of communication required.  They can also set a fixed price for recruits, allowing them to get a better handle on cost.

We’re brainstorming on how this best fits in with an applicant tracking system.  An obvious connection is to allow employers to easily submit jobs to Dayak from the ATS.  Another potential benefit to the employer is that Dayak can request contingent recruiters to push the candidates they submit through the employer’s online application and into the ATS.  The recruiter is tracked as the source of the candidate, and the employer’s processes are followed (which the OFCCP likes too!).  A not so obvious connection is what type of feedback should be pushed back to Dayak from the ATS.  Should candidate status updates be automatically communicated to the contingent recruiter?

What are your thoughts?  Is Dayak a service you would use?  How would you ideally see it communicating with your applicant tracking system?

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