Addressing your most common myStaffingPro questions

What kind of software and hardware will I need to use myStaffingPro® systems?
myStaffingPro® is a 100% web-based, ASP solutions. Our clients need nothing more than a standard browser and Internet connection to access the system from anywhere at any time. The system does not require any  downloads or installations.

How often do you upgrade your system or release new versions?
We are constantly adding new features and functionality to our systems based on user requests and feedback. Because of the web-based nature of the system, all users have immediate access to upgrades and additional features.

How do you insure security for applicants who apply using your web application?
The web application is a secure site using 128 bit encryption and a Secure Server Certification Authority issued by RSA Data Security, Inc.

Do you guarantee uptime?
myStaffingPro® has a Service Level Agreement that guarantees uptime of its Internet services. As a part of the Service Level Agreement, we will credit a portion of the monthly license fee for downtime in excess of the agreed upon level.


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