Use Expired Jobs as a Recruiting Tool

Jason Whitman at Indeed’s post about expired jobs “hanging out there” inspired me to think a little bit more about what do when jobs expire.  (See the full post here:

myStaffingPro has always immediately removed the job from the organization’s career site when it expires.   However, if the job has been posted to external job boards, there might be a direct link to it in cyber space somewhere.  That’s why we always double-check the job’s status and redirect the candidate back to the career site search when an expired job’s direct link is clicked (see example here:

Now, I think we should go a step further and use the expired job as an opportunity to direct the candidate easily to other jobs that might be a good fit.  myStaffingPro can find currently open jobs that are within the same general location and category as the original job, and display them to the candidate on the right of the screen.  See a mockup here:

I think with this add-on, organizations would want expired jobs to still be hanging out there on the web!

One thought on “Use Expired Jobs as a Recruiting Tool

  1. Jennifer,
    I think your and your team’s nack for analyzing and implementing solutions like this one are subtle, but very important for making your product better and keeping it relevant. Kudos!

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