Where do Social Networks Fit into Recruiting?

Keeping up with the latest internet trends in the employment industry keeps everyone in the HR industry hopping.  If I were a job seeker today, one thing I know for certain is that LinkedIn (25,000,000 registered users) would be a resource I would take seriously.  My initial profile was half-heartedly created following an invitation from a colleague in the HR industry.  I’ve since worked on it a few times following more invitations and updates about who is now connected with whom.  Thankfully I’m not in the market for new job, but I am sure there are many people out there wondering how to use LinkedIn as a resource for employment.  LinkedIn is exploring revenue generating options such as “linking in” a new partnership with The New York Times.  To date LinkedIn seems offer the most opportunity for professionals to interconnect whether for strictly informational networking purposes or new career opportunities.  In a recent article by Alison Doyle on About.com, she observed:  “It’s also important to note that LinkedIn has reached a point where it’s almost unprofessional not to be on LinkedIn. There are members from all 500 of the Fortune 500 companies. LinkedIn members comprise 130 different industries, and include 130,000 recruiters. 

One thought on “Where do Social Networks Fit into Recruiting?

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