HR Tech in a Nutshell – Go Where the Employees Are

I attended the HR Technology Conference in Chicago last week and the resounding theme was “you have to go where the employees are”. The new generations of workers are connecting in many different ways and a company seriously needs to focus on what are known as Web 2.0 technologies. These include blogs, wiki’s, RSS feeds, texting, social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, or contact sites such as Linked In. It’s worth noting that many at the conference regarded MySpace as a youth-oriented site, with Facebook being more for employees or potential employees, including college students.


For candidates, myStaffingPro is already taking advantage of these forms of communication. Our candidate portals include the “Share Opening” feature, which allows job openings to be posted to a number of social networking sites including Facebook, Digg, MySpace, Google, and more.


For users, myStaffingPro® leverages the convenience of text messaging. The Hiring Manager Quick Response module provides Recruiters the ability to deliver a text message of individual or multiple applicants to a Hiring Manager for review, immediately drawing attention to the best candidates.


As these new communication-driven workers enter the workforce, companies are going to have to learn and adapt to these new technologies, analyzing the best ways to utilize the benefits. myStaffingPro is constantly seeking ways to accomplish this goal for its partners, clients, and their candidates.

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