The New Generation of myStaffingPro

The next generation of myStaffingPro applicant tracking system has arrived with version 9.0. The new version includes a new look and feel, as well as enhanced requisition capabilities. 


Design enhancements include:

·         New navigation toolbar

·         New tab design

·         New live help button and design


New Requisition capabilities:

·         Ability to resize, sort, and reorder columns in requisition management

·         New My Favorite Reqs tab

·         Streamlined Requisition Details


The requisition enhancements will increase the usability of the system by allowing users to review and analyze their requisition data with their preferred formatting.   The primary architect of the system, Tony Calvelage stated, “We felt that it was important to update the look and feel of myStaffingPro in order to fully utilize the exciting possibilities that Web 2.0 has to offer.  By making the design more compliant with well defined and emerging web standards it makes it easier for us to integrate with new technologies and offer further customization of the interface and user experience.”



Version 9.0 is immediately available to all myStaffingPro users.  The myStaffingPro SaaS model enables users to immediately have access to the new version without any downloads or software updates. 


Try out myStaffingPro 9.0 by visiting and signing up for a demonstration.   

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