Develop an Applicant Process

 As a Client Services Associate, I have come across many companies that need help with establishing their job application process. They might be starting fresh or they maybe moving from paper application to electronic.  Nevertheless, there seems to be an underlying trend of issues that every company faces when they consider setting up their process to receive online applications.


I could go on and on about the questions several of our clients raise when establishing their applicant process, however this blog may last several pages to cover all of their concerns. There are three questions that every organization brings up when trying to develop an applicant/recruitment process:

 – How are they going to obtain large amounts of qualified candidates?
 – How are they going to track applicants through the recruitment process?
 – How are hiring managers/recruiters going to be informed of new applicants to review?

Do you have the same concerns?  Let us know if you have other aspects that you think are essential when deciding on an applicant/recruiter process. 


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