Is an Inefficient Hiring Process Ruining your Bottom Line? and AOL released the results of a recent survey, indicating the American employee wastes an average of 2.09 hours per day, on non work related items, costing companies $759 billion a year. 

Let’s take this a step further and evaluate the money wasted on work-related items, such as an inefficient hiring process.  An inefficient hiring process involves spending countless hours reading through resumes, and determining which applicants are qualified.  It also involves spending time on flagging down who is next to review the applicant, and what stage of the hiring process the applicant is in.  More time is yet wasted on manually entering the applicant data into Excel and or a company’s payroll system.  In essence, a manual hiring process or an inefficient applicant tracking solution, wastes unnecessary company dollars.

As budgets for 2009 are being rolled out, and in light of the economical condition of our country, it only makes smart business sense to ensure your company isn’t wasting money.  Let 2009 be the year in which your company takes control of its wasteful spending and invests in myStaffingpro, an applicant tracking solution that will create efficiencies and save the company both time and money!

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