How to buy the RIGHT applicant tracking system

If you have ever made the wrong decision when selecting a software product, you can relate to the importance of due diligence related to purchasing an applicant tracking system.  Having worked with customers for over 10 years I can attest to the fact that even OUR system may not be the best fit for some companies.  There have been times when I have actually recommended that a customer NOT purchase myStaffingPro.

When preparing to solicit proposals and schedule demonstrations with an applicant tracking system provider, the more time spent preparing in advance, the better. 

Included in your list of “to do’s”:   

1.  Define the recruiting / staffing goals you would like to have the technology help your company achieve.  

2.  Get a sense of the budget you might have available. 

3.  Request input from potential users. 

4.  Do some research on the current trends in recruiting. 

5.  Survey your fellow HR associates from other companies. 

Once you have armed yourself with information, it may add value to visit several online directories and other sites that review applicant tracking systems looking for companies and systems that seem to match your objectives. 


Bigger doesn’t always mean better.

Does the company promote technology or service?  You will need BOTH.

Pricing will vary widely.  Ask for firm quotes with detailed descriptions of the product and services included.

Be certain you understand the scope of the implementation process.

Does the vendor provide a broad range of references who will respond to your questions?

Work?   Yes it will take work to have a successful experience and select the best possible applicant tracking solution for your company.  Best of luck!

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