Prepare to be Prepared

“Before we get started on our training session today, have you had a chance to look over the materials I sent to you?” asked the Trainer.  “No, I have not but let’s go ahead and get started – I can always look over the materials later,” the client responded. *Sigh*

Unfortunately, this type of scenario just adds frustration to both the trainee and the trainer because one is not prepared and the other is going to have to spend extra time bringing the other up to speed.  With that being said, what would be the ideal situation?

Here are a few tips that are essential for the trainee to have in place before participating in a training session:

  1. Understand what you are signing up for – be informed about the type of training offered; is it a demonstration or discussion, etc.
  2. Set aside some time to be trained – do not expect to rush through the material so that you can make it to your next meeting on time
  3. Do your “homework” before the training session – invest the time to review any training documents that may have been sent or complete any preparatory work that was suggested by the trainer

Once the trainee has come prepared, the trainer will be more likely to be efficient in presenting the material(s) as well as demonstrating one key point at a time.

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