Develop Partnerships to Complement and Enhance your Product

Over the years, myStaffingPro has strived to develop and market the most complete recruitment solution possible to our customers.  Through the process, we have increased and improved the myStaffingPro offerings to meet the requirements of our customers.  We have accomplished this through our internal development of ideas as well as taking a strategic approach utilizing partnerships with select companies.

We have built alliances with partners who have strengths that complement the myStaffingPro product offerings.  Our goal is to develop and nurture partnerships that are genuinely adding value to our clients.  We have partnered with several background employment screening vendors (employeescreenIQ, Edge Information Management Inc, and others) which enable myStaffingPro to provide a standard integration that will allow for thorough background checks in a concise and efficient manner.  We also offer HRIS integrations with partners such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, ADP, Lawson and Oracle/PeopleSoft which allows for seamless data sharing between myStaffingPro and your HRIS system thus saving time and increasing efficiency by eliminating redundant data entry.  This is only a sampling of the alliances we have developed with our partners over the years to enhance and complement our product offering.  For a complete list please our web site

myStaffingPro is always reviewing and evaluating partner opportunities.  When evaluating a partner for an alliance we consider several factors.  At the top of the list is how the alliance will improve or enhance our product offerings as well providing the best solution for a competitive price.  This along with our superior customer support continues to provide myStaffingPro with an edge over the competition.

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