Save Money in 2009 With Workflow as a Service

According to some industry analysts, “Workflow as a Service” will become more popular with companies in 2009. Using third party web applications to power your company workflows allows you to cut time and money in IT resources, and in time spent emailing, shuffling paper, and more.

“Software as a service (Saas) will continue to grow in 2009,” writes PNMSoft. Application service providers, “frequently offer better security and uptime than organizations can achieve internally. Organizations that are choosing SaaS deployments are saving money by renting the software from the SaaS provider instead of paying a large upfront licensing fee. Hardware maintenance is the responsibility of the SaaS provider, enabling organizations to cut down on internal their IT staff.
Workflows are now successfully being deployed into a web-server that enables developers to build the workflows and run them over the web.” (per:

myStaffingPro allows you to direct your job requisition creation, approval, posting and filling processes to the web. Recruiters, Hiring Managers, HR and applicants can all communicate seamlessly through our online interface. Additionally, myStaffingPro can be easily configured to require business rules to be followed before openings can be posted to the web, or applicants can be hired.

Our requisition approval, hiring manager quick response, and background checking modules are just a few examples of how your business workflows can be centralized on the web, and implemented consistently across your organization.

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