Establishing an Online Application like an Interview

A good online application is like an interview in the way that it educates the applicant about the company and about the position being posted. There are several steps that are needed to make an application a success for the applicant as well as for the company creating the job application.

– Incorporate a Welcome Message that provides a brief overview of the online application while at the same time outlines the time it takes to finish the application and any other necessary details that would be of significance for the applicant.

– Create a job description that expresses an illustrative narrative about the open position, including information regarding benefits, education, and other specific detail requirements.  It is important to be up front with the applicant regarding the job description so that they can make a better decision on if they should apply.

– Be precise with the type of questions that you wish to ask the applicant. It is advisable to create a short list of basic requirements and then build another short list of other information that you wish to know up front from your applicants.  In turn, if the candidate doesn’t meet the basic requirements, then you would not want to spend the time reviewing their application.  It is best to keep the maximum number of basic questions close to ten. Likewise, adding one or two open ended questions is essential to get an example of the applicant’s communication style.

– Provide a way to collect EEO information, sourcing details (how did they hear about the position), and opportunity to submit a resume. These are all key point to achieving compliance.

– Communicate with your applicants! It could be as easy as setting up an auto-email feature that sends a communication out to the applicant indicating their particular applicant status. Applicants like to be informed whether it is good news or bad.  An applicant never likes to have completed an application and all they hear back from the company are cricket sounds.

Please contact us for information on how you can establish your online application process with myStaffingPro applicant tracking system.

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