A Small Company Applicant Tracking Success Story

Sometimes I wear another hat – I am a co-owner of a local coffee house and cafe with approximately 20 employees.  The coffee house, The Meeting Place on Market, benefits greatly from the use of myStaffingPro.  For just $60/month, we use the myStaffingPro Express system to administer our hiring process the following way:

  • Walk-ins requesting a job application are directed to apply online via our web site.
    • Our managers love this because they don’t have to stop what they are doing and talk to applicants.  Any employee can simply hand an applicant a copy of our take-out menu with our web site on it, and direct the applicant to apply online.
    • Owners love this because all applicants are in a central repository and can be reviewed fairly by the management staff – we don’t get any “filtering” of applicants through employees.
  • We are always accepting applications through our web site.  When we get a new application, the information is immediately auto-emailed to the managers, who can review the candidate and contact really good candidates at once, if desired.
  • We’ve never needed to use paid advertising.  Because we maintain a repository of applicants in myStaffingPro, whenever we have an opening, we review our existing database and often have five interviews setup within a day or two.
  • We have a record of every hire and use statuses to mark their records.  This allows us to quickly review whether or not an applicant who has previously worked for us is eligible for hire.

myStaffingPro Express might be the right solution for your company too!  Please go to myStaffingPro.com to request a demonstration.

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