A Big Company Applicant Tracking Success Story

One of our largest and longest clients knows how to take advantage of applicant tracking technology.   Most of their open positions are hourly positions that attract a high volume of applicants.  Over the years, they’ve honed their applicant tracking and hiring process through myStaffingPro to make it as efficient and effective as possible.  Applicants also benefit from the fair and standardized way to apply for a job, and because of the feedback at all stages of the hiring process.  Below is an overview of how one organization has optimized myStaffingPro:

  • Hiring managers create requisitions directly in myStaffingPro.  The requisitions are then reviewed by HR and posted to the company career portal with just a click on the HR administration web interface.
  • On the company career portal, the job requirements and descriptions are stated clearly up front.   Before the applicant fills out the application, he has already reviewed the requirements and understands what a day in the life of the job involves.
    • Approximately 15% of non-qualified applicants de-select themselves at this stage
  • When the applicant indicates interest in a job, s/he answers questions about the basic qualifications of the job through the online application.  If the applicant does not meet the qualifications, his application is automatically marked as not-qualified.  He is sent an email by myStaffingPro, thanking him for his interest, and letting him know that he didn’t meet the qualifications, but can re-apply in six months if desired.
    • Approximately 10% of non-qualified applicants are disqualified at this stage
  • The applicant answers additional questions on the online application about availability, desired wage, and other information that will help the HR department find the best fit for the candidate. 
  • Voluntary EEO information is also collected from the applicant via the online application, to be used for EEOC statistics only. 
  • If the applicant successfully completes the online application, the applicant is immediately transferred to an assessment web site to complete a validated assessment.  
    • Approximately 20% of non-qualified applicants are disqualified at this stage
  • The assessment is immediately scored, and the applicant is passed back to myStaffingPro’s online application.  If the applicant successfully passes the assessment, s/he is immediately invited to schedule a phone interview through myStaffingPro’s automated scheduling feature.
  • HR personnel use myStaffingPro to administer the phone interview, recording the answers and scoring the phone interview within the HR administration web interface.
    • Approximately 30% of non-qualified applicants are disqualified at this stage
  • If the phone interview is passed, the applicant is immediately invited to schedule an appointment with a hiring manager, using myStaffingPro’s automated scheduling feature.  Information related to the applicant is forwarded to the hiring manager.
  • At the same time, the applicant’s information is submitted to a background verification company to run a background check based on the position requirements.
    • Approximately 5% of non-qualified applicants are disqualified at this stage
  • After the hiring manager reports on the interview, the HR department updates the applicant’s status in myStaffingPro.  If the applicant has been chosen for hire, the new hire’s information is sent to a WOTC processing company to determine if the company is eligible for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit for this hire. 
  • Once the background check has completed, the applicant’s status is automatically updated within myStaffingPro.
  • The new hire’s information is passed to the company’s HRIS system for payroll processing.

Your organization can also benefit from an efficient, automated hiring process.  Contact myStaffingPro for information on how we can create a hiring process designed for your organization’s needs.

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