Quiz: Is Your Applicant Tracking System All That It Should Be?

Does your applicant tracking system make you do a little happy dance, or do you feel like you’ve been stranded in a cave of nonsense technology?  Take the quiz to see how your applicant tracking system measures up.

1)  My applicant tracking system…
a. does everything I need.
b. lacks one or two small features.
c. barely does the trick.

2) The system configuration …
a. mirrors my hiring process to a tea.
b. resembles my hiring process with some work arounds.
c. is completely standard and does not reflect my hiring process.

3) The system is available…
a. 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
b. whenever I’m at my work computer.
c. on a “hit or miss” schedule. The system has a lot of maintenance and required installations.

4) My applicant tracking system saves me….
a. a ton of time. I don’t know what I did before!
b. some time. I still have a lot of manual work.
c. nothing.

5) Whenever I have a question I can…
a. call my representative to receive help.
b. email a generic support box and hope for a response.
c. try to figure it out on my own. Customer service is extra or not available.

6) The pricing of my system was….
a. exactly the right price.
b. more than what I thought, but still tolerable.
c. completely outlandish.

Mostly A’s – Congratulations you have an excellent applicant tracking system that meets your needs!

Mostly B’s – Although you might have settled on a couple items, the system fits your overall needs.   Try talking to your provider to see if there are small enhancements that could improve your system.

Mostly C’s – Unfortunately, your applicant tracking system is not meeting your needs.  Request the Applicant Tracking Evaluation Toolkit to assist you in finding the right system.

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