Information Sharing via a Corporate or Careers YouTube Channel

YouTube is a video sharing community and it’s a great way to share information with your employees, or even with potential employees.  Great why?  Because it doesn’t cost you a thing!

So, what is a YouTube channel?  It is just a fancy name for a user profile (or a company profile).  Users can access the channel/profile to watch videos you have uploaded and they can even subscribe to the channel and be notified when new information is released.

Wait, there’s more!  You can even personalize your YouTube channel using the available options below.

Channel Info-Lets you give your channel a title and description for your channel homepage. You can also tag a video to use for your profile picture (by default, your last-uploaded video serves this function), as well as configure other channel display options.

Channel Design-Change the overall look and feel of your channel page. You can select a color scheme for your page; show/hide various page elements; add custom colors for selected page elements, as well as a background image for your page.

Personal Info-This page lets you enter personal information to be displayed on your channel page.  When creating a corporate channel, use this section to enter your company name, a description of your organization, a link to your company’s website or career portal, and so on.

Location Info– This is where you enter your company location – current city, zip code, and country.

Channel URL-This page displays the URL for your channel page, which you can distribute to employees, advertise on your company website or career portal, or push out to potential partners, customers, employees, or whoever your channel’s target audience is.  For maximum effectiveness, create multiple channels for multiple audiences.

Another cool feature that you can add to your channel is a video blog, or Vlog. A Vlog is an easy way for you to create a corporate video journal accessible to anyone who visits your channel.

2 thoughts on “Information Sharing via a Corporate or Careers YouTube Channel

  1. I love youtube but yeah it can have some bad things on it. Like with copyright and stuff.

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