Applicant Scavenger Hunt: Ready, Set, GO!

treasure mapEveryone loves a good scavenger hunt; the thrill of the chase, finding the tools to stay on course, and satisfaction of winning the award. 

How do you manage your applicant scavenger hunt? 

Do you spend countless hours wondering from one site to another searching for a “clue”?  Assuming that you do not have the time, money, or hours to wonder around; myStaffingPro applicant tracking system has collaborated with TalentDrive to do the wondering for you. 

This partnership brings users a seamlessly integrated, recruitment technology solution that offers advanced resume sourcing, precise matching and organized applicant tracking, all from one unified location.  myStaffingPro’s 32,000 users will now be able to enter a job description and run a search of over 11,000 online job board locations, social media sites, and niche resume portals, pulling results according to the job posting requisition.  myStaffingPro’s robust database in combination with TalentFilter’s advanced searching capabilities, provides recruiters the strongest recruitment technology on the market.  By joining forces, TalentDrive and myStaffingPro offer recruiters a solution that helps find quality candidates to fill their open positions quicker and more effectively.

For more information, please download the myStaffingPro TalentFilter  integration overview or contact us at 800-939-2462.

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