SaaS Isn’t New – How You Can Join the Cloud

There’s a lot of buzz about SaaS recently, Oracle being the latest to jump on the bandwagon. In this economy, SaaS, or Software as a Service, offers companies the ability to get the greatest technology with no IT infrastructure needed. Because users access the software through a web browser, training is minimal, installation is quick, and IT doesn’t need to setup a single server.

But SaaS isn’t new. In fact, myStaffingPro has offered its recruitment platform as an SaaS product for 8 years now.

You can join the “Cloud” (another word for internet, or software available over the internet, in this context) too. We’ve partnered with great firms that can allow you to build an end to end cloud solution for your firm. For recruiting, start with myStaffingPro. When the candidate is hired, migrate the candidate into an HRIS system such as Microsoft Dynamics. With Azure, and consultants such as JAT or Integrity Data, you can use the software over the internet. myStaffingPro is already integrated, allowing the hire to flow seamlessly into the HRIS system. For performance or exit management, use empPerform to manage your performance reviews and exit surveys.

All of these software packages can be accessed over the internet – no IT staff needed. There’s no reason you can’t jump into the Cloud!

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