Go Green With Your Interview Process

Going Green has been the latest buzzwords for some time now, but how far should you take it with your hiring process? myStaffingPro has recently increased their green initiatives with applicants self-scheduling and an online phone interview guide, but should we take it a step further with web-based interviews?

Three to Five years ago, it was nothing for large companies to have massive hiring events where they brought in candidates from all across the country and paid for all the travel expenses. Times have changed, and the economy is making all of us rethink how we do things. So why not do a face-to-face interview via the web?

Pros of Web Based Interviews:
• Cut travel expense costs to bring candidates to your site
• Reduces the administrative costs associated with arranging the event/interviews
• Eliminates the need for a travel agency
• Increase volume of interviews efficiently and cost-effectively
• Quick turnaround time – same-day interviews
• Decreases your time to fill ratio
• Increased accessibility to candidates with various time zones
• No rental cars, lost luggage, or trying to get your laptop through airport security for you or your interviewers!

Cons of Web Based Interviews:
• Applicant does not get a personal view of the company and the culture
• Interviewer doesn’t get entire experience of the applicant
• Applicant needs to ensure they have private, quiet place for the interview
• Potential internet connectivity or technology issues
• Hardware issues

While this may not be a fit for every company or even every type of position, it definitely has potential; and why not utilize technology to its fullest potential.

What do you think? Would you like this available in your applicant tracking system? We value your input and would really like to hear your thoughts on this.

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