Are You “Sold On” your Applicant Tracking System?

When the decision is made, the implementation completed, and the users trained, is that the end of it? Most ATS vendors are investing resources with an eye on a long lasting relationship with the new customer. To achieve that goal your company should have a number of ongoing opportunities that you can take advantage of. Will you? Are they worth your time?

a. An assigned Client Services Manager who will consult with your system Administrator to be sure the system is meeting your needs. Are you interacting with your vendor on a regular basis?
b. Training Opportunities for users often are provided by the Client Services Manager or via webinar classes designed to expand and strengthen user successes. Are your users well-trained?
c. New features offered by the vendor are released and information provided to you on the value of the feature to your process. Do you pay attention to the vendor announcements and newsletters?
d. Participating in customer and user surveys, or an Advisory Board is a great way to be sure your vendor is aware of any areas where you are experiencing frustrations. Do you take the time to respond to their requests for feedback?

On both sides, there is nothing more disappointing than the decision to transition to a different vendor. Your company takes a hit a second time on the resources required to go through the vetting, selection, and implementation process once again. The vendor loses a customer, perhaps without an understanding of why you decided to leave. Both sides lose. Could that have been avoided?

Thoughts? Experiences to share?

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