Effectiveness and Efficiency are Key in RPO

It is becoming increasingly important in today’s market that companies are able to effectively and efficiently respond to the needs of their clients.  RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) companies can be negatively impacted by processes that limit or inhibit their ability to provide proper feedback to their clients.  Some of the challenges facing RPOs:

  • Effectively prequalifying to ensure only the qualified applicants are reviewed  and processed by busy recruiters
  • The ability to allow applicants to self-schedule for a phone interview, assessments, or a face-to-face interview with Hiring Managers freeing up recruiting resources
  • Conducting standardized Phone Interviews that allow the recruiter to enter the applicant’s responses and then create data sheets that can be sent to hiring managers for review to determine the best fit candidates
  • Establish and maintain communication between the applicant, recruiters, and hiring managers throughout the entire recruiting process

This list may seem trivial but to busy recruiters, these challenges can either make or break a recruiting deadline and the relationship with the client.  There are applicants tracking solutions that can solve the challenges discussed above and more.  One system to review is myStaffingPro.  This solution offers recruiters the ability to manage their daily activities as well as building and maintaining a relationship with their clients and prospective candidates.

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