Common Interview Mistakes

Four Common Interview Mistakes that may cause Compliance or Inequity Issues:

1)      Failure to define requirements – Not taking the time to carefully define the requirements for successfully performing a job. Interviewers may not consider the full set of knowledge, skills, and abilities that underlie  successful performance. Some interviewers just look for candidates who are “savvy”, “go getters”, “tough-minded”, etc.  These traits could potentially serve as a partial set of requirements.  However, without defining the work behaviors that reflect these qualities, it is difficult for an interviewer to properly explore or evaluate them in an interview. 

2)      Failure to structure an interview plan – This can lead to fairness and legal issues if not consistently asking the same questions for each candidate applying for a specific position.  Lack of a structured plan can also leave a negative impression of the company with the interviewee.  A prescreen process is recommended prior to scheduling the initial interview.

3)      Failure to take notes or properly record responses – It is important to record the critical elements of a candidate’s responses. Notes provide a trigger for full recall so that information can be shared with other interviewers and responses properly evaluated.

4)      Failure to avoid common rating errors – Human judgment is prone to be biased. It is important to have a rating scale that is used consistently for all interviewees of the same position.  When designing the scale, focus on how they meet the requirements of the job versus how one candidate’s responses compare to another’s.

With myStaffingPro, you can easily overcome these failures by utilizing the automated prescreen  process, phone interview guide, and interview scoring capabilities.  Not only will your process be efficient and compliant, you can have the ability to report on and share your data. For more information on how you can screen your applicant pool, please contact us at or go to .  Every client is assigned a dedicated customer service manager to consult with them on the hiring process and how to incorporate with the system.

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