You Say Potato…

Although our industry is commonly referred to as “applicant tracking”, I’ve heard it referred to as a number of different names.  Below is my short list  of  alternative names (feel free to mix it up by adding database/software/system/solution to the end of any of them.)

  1. Applicant data tracking
  2. Applicant management
  3. Applicant resume management
  4. Application monitoring
  5. Candidate management
  6. Candidate resume management
  7. Employment management
  8. Employment screening
  9. Hiring management
  10. Hiring tracking
  11. HR database
  12. Job applicant
  13. Recruiting
  14. Recruiting management
  15. Resume management
  16. Resume tracking
  17. Software for hiring
  18. Software for staffing
  19. Talent acquisition
  20. Talent management

Can you think of any more?

One thought on “You Say Potato…

  1. Thanks for this comprehensive list of ATS, I tend to think the term “recruitment software” is all encompassing but also use these names for slightly different sub-categories:
    * Agency Management Software
    * Applicant Tracking System
    * Candidate Management
    * Desktop Recruitment
    * e-Recruitment
    * Employment Agency Software
    * Recruiting Management System
    * Recruiting Software
    * Recruitment CRM
    * Staffing Software


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