Stop Playing the Feedback Waiting Game

Whew – you’ve reviewed the applicant list and you have narrowed it down to the cream of the crop.  The next step is to send the information to the hiring manager(s) for review. 

Do you:

  • Manually compile the applicant data, and send the information to the hiring manager via fax or email
  • Call or email the manager to request their feedback on who to proceed with
  • Try to decipher the hiring managers feedback and if necessary  follow up for more info
  • Participate in a  game of phone tag by contacting  the hiring manager(s) and applicant(s) to schedule an interview appointment

What if you could:

  • Send an applicant feedback request to the hiring manager(s) through email or text message
  • Provide them with a simple web based portal to review the applicant information and insert their comments
  • Allow hiring managers to define their preferred interview times
  • Automatically email the applicant with the available interview slots
  • Enable the applicant to schedule their interview and receive  pertinent information
  • Receive an email with the applicant’s confirmed appointment slot and if desired add the appointment to your outlook calendar

Improve your time-to-fill, and stop playing the waiting game with the myStaffingPro Hiring Manager Quick Response module.  Please contact us at or 800-939-2462 for more information.

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