In the Spotlight with Aspen Valley Hospital

Ever wonder if your clients are feeling satisfied with the purchase of your product?  We decided to set up an interview-style meeting to see how well our signature product, myStaffingPro applicant tracking system, stands up against the rest of the pack.

To help us answer this question, we put our client Aspen Valley Hospital in the spotlight.  Below is a snapshot of the feedback we received:

What is your experience with using an applicant tracking system?
No experience until I implemented myStaffingPro.

How long have you been using myStaffingPro?
We have been with myStaffingPro for about 6 months now.

How has myStaffingPro affected your processes (cost effectiveness, time to fill, etc.)
Everyone loves this efficient system! The ability to track ROI and past applicants is essential to our recruiting success!  It has also increased our turnaround time for managers to review applicants.

What is your favorite myStaffingPro feature?
Ability to export into Excel – ROI, Sourcing, applicant information, email, etc.

What would you say to other HR professionals about myStaffingPro?
The best recruiting tool you will ever implement to enhance your overall recruiting plan; and increase communications among applicants and hiring managers.

With all the time you have saved since using MSP, what do you do with your extra time? (We promise we will not tell your boss!)
Facebook….Just kidding kinda
Strategic planning/recruiting plans/other HR needs: –  background checks, marketing, advertising…,

If you want your company to shine in the spotlight, please visit our website to sign up for a demo of myStaffingPro.

Want to hear more testimonials about myStaffingPro. Continue reading our customer spotlights on our blog.

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