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myStaffingPro asked User Advisory Board member Erin Campbell for her recruiting tips on LinkedIn.  Please read her post below for several insightful hints.

There are many new ways to recruit great candidates these days.  The one that I have had the most success with is the website LinkedIn.  I would consider this site the Facebook of the business world, and the news about LinkedIn seems to be spreading like wildfire lately.  Several of my most recent hires (all fairly senior-level positions) have come from LinkedIn.  I have spent quite a bit of time navigating this site and have come up with some tips for finding the best qualified candidates that fit your needs.

Here are a few tips:

  • Join LinkedIn! It is free to get a basic membership to LinkedIn.  Even if you don’t plan on recruiting from this site, it is completely worthwhile to join.  You will be able to connect with old colleagues & current co-workers, join interest groups, and build a really great professional network.
  • Type of candidates to search for on LinkedIn:  I have had the most luck finding manager-level and above candidates on LinkedIn.  Most of which are passive, currently employed individuals.  If you are looking for an administrative assistant or entry-level position, you might be better off going to the general job boards (Careerbuilder, Monster, Craig’s List, etc.)
  • How you post your opportunities: You can buy job postings and post your opportunities.  These postings are fairly inexpensive and allow you to really drill down to the type of candidate you are looking for.  There is even an area where you can input the names of companies where you feel that your ideal candidate would come from.  I find this extremely helpful because of the uniqueness of my organization.
  • Interest Groups: One way that I have found really great people is to join some of the interest groups and post the positions on the interest group’s space on LinkedIn.  Each group has a section for posting jobs and it’s FREE!  You do not have to buy any job postings.  You just need the approval of the group’s owner to join.  This is one of the best ways to source candidates on LinkedIn.
  • Search People: You can search profiles of people on Linked In, much like you search for candidates in resume databases.  If you find a person’s profile that interests you, you send them an “InMail”.  There is a fee for this, which is also fairly inexpensive.

In a nutshell, I think that for your manager-level and above positions, LinkedIn is the newest, most effective way to source great people!

Erin is the Director of Human Resources at MMPI.  She is also an elite member of the myStaffingPro User Advisory Board.  Please click here to connect with Erin on LinkedIn.  To apply for a position at MMPI, please go to

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