Vurv Customers – are you in applicant tracking limbo?

There has been a great deal of “chatter” surrounding the upcoming deadline to transition from the Vurv and Recruitmax systems before they are no longer supported.  Options abound, but what is the BEST option for your organization?  For many of the Vurv customers, because they were happy with their technology, selecting a comparable vendor has not been an easy task.  They don’t want to change, and the idea of going through a transition to another system is just plain “painful”.  Here are some thoughts we have had within the myStaffingPro organization.

  1. What do you most “like” about your Vurv system?  Is it the technology itself, the way your system was configured or customized for your organization, or the support and service you receive?  Nail that down, and your search will be driven by the right criteria in selecting a new vendor to work with.
  2. Have you identified the key components that Vurv has been delivering for you? The “must haves” for a replacement system?  If not, make that list and check it twice.
  3. Has the cost of your Vurv system been a “value add” to your cost of recruitment?  Have you been paying for features and functionality that were not utilized or adding value?  If yes, be sure to take that into consideration when requesting pricing from potential new vendors.
  4. Ask yourselves what key data will need to be transitioned to a new system.  BE SURE your new vendor is experienced and willing to transition data in a way that will provide what you need when your users log in to your new system.
  5. Have you considered taking a look at myStaffingPro?

With over 10 years of experience, our team is seasoned and will bend over backwards to be sure you are even more satisfied with our system than you were with your Vurv system.  It’s a tall order, but you can ask any of our over 400 customers about their level of satisfaction and learn for yourself.  Our privately owned company has the same dedication that we have read existed within the Vurv organization while it was busy building business and servicing customers.

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