Client Spotlight with Brooklyn Academy of Music

We put Seth Azizollahoff from Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) in the hot seat to ask him what he thought about myStaffingPro applicant tracking system.   Please read his feedback below:

What is your experience with using an applicant tracking system?
I think it makes my job immensely easier.

How long have you been using myStaffingPro?
About a year and a half

How has myStaffingPro affected your processes (i.e. cost effectiveness, time to fill, etc.)
Since we can quantify the number of qualified candidates versus unqualified candidates, we have a better idea about the success of our recruitment process and we can measure the effectiveness of the sources we use.  So rather than saying it has improved things (I am not quite sure yet), at least it gives us a way to measure whether other tools are effective.

What is your favorite myStaffingPro feature?
I like the reporting abilities.

What would you say to other HR professionals about myStaffingPro?
It’s a great tool to reduce the administrative burdens related to recruiting. My managers like the questionnaires and I enjoy that the system filters out unqualified candidates. I can focus my efforts on only those who meet the qualifications.

With all the time you have saved since using MSP, what do you do with your extra time?
I have more time to spend on looking at qualified resumes.

If you want your company to shine in the spotlight, please visit our website to sign up for a myStaffingPro demonstration.

Want to hear more testimonials about myStaffingPro. Continue reading our customer spotlights on our blog.

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