Client Spotlight with Butler Machinery Company

We placed Butler Machinery in the client spotlight, and asked Kim Johnson what she thought about myStaffingPro applicant tracking system.

What is your experience with using an applicant tracking system? The process of implementing MyStaffingPro has been both positive and seamless.

How long have you been using myStaffingPro? Approximately eight months since implementation.

How has myStaffingPro affected your processes (i.e. cost effectiveness, time to fill, etc.) The time I am now spending reviewing, forwarding and responding to applicants information has been cut in half from what I used to spend.

What is your favorite myStaffingPro feature? The whole process has been such a positive experience that I really can’t name one.  From the Job Library to the managing of Requisitions.  The whole process has been quite easy to get through and extremely time saving from what we used to have.

What would you say to other HR professionals about myStaffingPro? Don’t waste your time on other applicant software, this one is easy to manage and has several useful features.

With all the time you have saved since using MSP, what do you do with your extra time? (We promise we will not tell your boss! ) Ha ha, I need my job!

We would like to thank Kim for talking the time to talk to us about how Butler Machinery benefited from implementing myStaffingPro applicant tracking system.  If you want your company to shine in the spotlight, please visit our website to sign up for a demonstration of myStaffingPro.

Want to hear more testimonials about myStaffingPro. Continue reading our customer spotlights on our blog.

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