Now, using myStaffingPro makes even more sense

We asked our new HRIS partner, Bamboo HR, to write a blog about their product and why ATS users would be interested.  Please enjoy the informative and entertaining blog from Ben Peterson.

Bamboo HR is a leading HRIS that streamlines your new hire process by integrating with myStaffingPro applicant tracking system.  Easily transfer your new hire data into a powerful and easy-to-use tool that is configured specifically to your needs.  And the good news is Bamboo HR is free for 30 days.  You can see for yourself how easy it is to use Bamboo HR and myStaffingPro in perfect harmony.

So, how do you really know if you really need an HRIS? Here are a few of the unmistakable signs:

  • You’re using myStaffingPro to manage applicant data, but not currently using an HRIS to streamline HR administrivia that just drains all your time. (We know you have better things to do!)
  • Your desk is covered in countless forms, files, resumes, and piles.  In fact, maybe you haven’t seen the top of the actual desk in years. 🙂
  • You have better things to do than spend 20 minutes sifting through the file cabinet looking for a hire date or particular form.
  • Your myStaffingPro system doesn’t currently interface with your HRIS.
  • You’re using another HRIS that is expensive, hard to use, out-of-date…and did we mention expensive?
  • You have lots and lots of spreadsheets that track things like benefits, training completions, terminations, employee contact information, any company assets, and more.  If you have spreadsheets…you’ll love Bamboo HR!

Visit today for your free 30-day trial or for more details on this tremendous HRIS.

We love myStaffingPro!  A special “thank you” to the myStaffingPro team for being so great to work with.

About Bamboo HR:
Bamboo HR is a leader in SaaS-based HRIS for small to medium-sized business, delivering new levels of HR efficiency for a fraction of the cost of enterprise solutions.  Streamlining HR processes under a single roof, Bamboo HR is the HRIS for companies wasting time and money on administrivia.  For more information visit

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