myStaffingPro: A Year In Review

2009 is officially wrapped.  Although many of us are happy to see 2009 end, there were some good things that happened as well.  For myStaffingPro, 2009 proved to be another prosperous year filled with new clients, enhancements, modules, and partnerships.

New Features and Free Enhancements:
– SEO Functionality
– CC/BCC for Email
– Edit in Place on BLA
– Copy Source Enhancement
– Metrics Reports
..and many more!
* Features and Enhancements are provided free of charge to all standard clients. Please contact your Client Services Manager if you are interested in activating any of the free enhancements or features.

New Modules:
– Employee Referral
– Offer Approval
– Vendor Portal
– Phone Interview Guides
– Mass Appointment Scheduling
– Hiring Manager Quick Response
* Modules are system configurations that can be added to your system for a fee. Please contact your Client Services Manager for more information on the modules features and pricing.

New Partnerships:
– Resume sourcing partner, TalentDrive
– Free job board posting to and
– HRIS system, Bamboo HR

To view the complete list, please go to

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