Top 10 Reasons CIOs Love Web-Based Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

10.  No servers are needed.

9.  All the IT department has to install is a web browser (usually they already have one).

8.  Secure applicant data is encrypted and hidden behind firewalls, inside bomb, fire,  and blizzard proof data centers. (Make sure your ATS uses a Tier 2 or greater data center).

7.  As software updates are released, HR gets them instantly, with no need to call IT.

6.  The applicant tracking system enforces non-discriminatory hiring practices, ensuring a consistent hiring process for each candidate.  And when the OFCCP comes knocking, EEO reports can be pulled within minutes.

5.  Homeland Security won’t come knocking, because HR has screened all your new hires through E-Verify to ensure work eligibility (see Carco Group, Inc for a great E-Verify solution integrated with an ATS).

4.  New Hire data can flow automatically into your HRIS or Payroll system, saving a ton of data entry, inspiring HR to crown you their knight in shining armor.

3.  Your lobby will no longer double as a hiring line.  Applicants have  self-service access on the career site to  check their status(es), update their application(s), and search for the newest jobs.

2.  Support, support, support… instead of calls to your office, HR calls will go to the ATS provider for customer support. (Make sure support is included in your contract; myStaffingPro is one that includes consulting and support).

1.  With the money you saved by making the recruiting and hiring process so much more efficient, your company is that much more profitable, and they have you to thank for it!

–       Jennifer Brogee, CIO

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