A Checklist for Successful Onboarding

Onboarding has been gaining momentum as the latest and greatest applicant tracking feature.  Before you get swept up in the hype, use this checklist as a guide to creating a successful onboarding process.

Personalize the process
Don’t make the applicant feel like hire #234234872302345.  Personalize the process to keep the applicant engaged, interested, and enhance your brand.

Be concise and informative
Keep in mind that the applicant’s time is valuable, and don’t torture them with every document created since the beginning of time.  Keep the information presented relevant and concise to the job they will be performing.

Be Upfront
Don’t send your new applicant on a scavenger hunt to collect various items. Provide them with instructions upfront with details on what information will be required and the estimated time needed to complete the process.

Provide assistance
Filling out all the new hire paperwork can be daunting and confusing to new hires.  Provide assistance to help them work through the information and instructions provided.  It’s important that the applicant understands and agrees to all the information.

Make it Convenient
Provide the applicant with 24/7 access to review and complete their pre-hire paperwork.  With an online process, the applicant can complete the information at a time that works for them and from the convenience of their own home.

Congratulate Them!
Everyone likes a little pat on the back.  Congratulate your new hire and make them feel welcome to join your team.

Explain Next Steps
Once they have completed the pre-hire paperwork, take your onboarding a step further by explaining the next steps.  Explain your expectations, and how/when they will receive instructions for their first day.

myStaffingPro is an applicant tracking system provider with an integrated online onboarding process.  For more information, please go to http://onboarding.mystaffingpro.com.

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