Applicant Tracking Systems: Decipher the Pricing

Applicant tracking systems can include a variety of ongoing and one-time fees. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you know what you’re agreeing to with this helpful guide.

Setup Fees:

  • Implementation: Upfront fee to  configure the system
  • Training: Initial fee to teach  users how to use the system
  • Configurations and Customizations: Fees for configuring or customizing the system to your process
  • Consulting: Costs associated with receiving professional advice

Usage Fees:

  • Installation Cost (For installed software) or License Fees (For hosted solution): Fee to acquire ongoing access to the system.  Usage fees can vary by:
    • Number of Users
    • Volume of Applicants
    • Number of Openings/Requisitions
    • Required amount of Storage
  • Maintenance Fees: Cost to upkeep and or upgrade your system
  • Support: The price for ongoing assistance after your system is implemented

Questions to Ask the Applicant Tracking Vendor:

  • What is included in the pricing?
  • What would cause this pricing to change?
  • What happens if I go over the limits set?
  • Are these fees ongoing or one time?

Be prepared to receive quotes on all ends of the spectrum.  Ask the vendor for firm quotes with detailed descriptions of the product and services offered.  For pricing on the myStaffingPro applicant tracking system, please request a quote.

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