Stop Running in Circles! Add Efficiency to your Hiring Process

It’s all about efficiency!  To obtain efficiency in your hiring process, start by looking at each step in your current hiring process.

  • Recruiting to attract the right applicants
    • Obtaining requisition approval
    • Posting the opening online
    • Distributing to job boards, social networks, etc.
    • Sourcing applicants
  • Qualifying the applicant pool
    • Screening for minimal qualifications
    • Administering a behavioral assessment
    • Verifying a clean background
  • Tracking the interview and selection process
    • Managing the applicant through the hiring process
    • Receiving feedback and information from hiring managers
    • Scheduling interviews and communicating next steps
  • Selecting and preparing the applicant for hire
    • Presenting the offer to the hire
    • Arranging orientation
    • Assisting the hire in signing prehire paperwork
    • Setting up the new hire in the HRIS/Payroll system

Next, identify which steps take you the most amount of time and determine if it’s worthwhile to automate.  Many applicant tracking systems can automate:

  • Requesting and receiving requisition approval
  • Posting job openings to the career portal, job boards, and social networks
  • Accepting applications 24/7
  • Prescreening applicants for minimal qualifications
  • Communicating with  applicants and hiring managers
  • Submitting background requests, behavioral assessments, etc.
  • Requesting and receiving hiring manager feedback
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Exporting data into your HRIS

For more information on the benefits of implementing an applicant tracking system, please visit

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