Does your HRIS have Applicant Tracking?

More and more HR technology vendors are jumping on the applicant tracking bandwagon with an end-to-end offering.  Before signing on the dotted line, use the following questionnaire to determine if the applicant tracking system you are receiving is what you are looking for.

I am looking for a system that:
–       Manages resumes
–       Prescreens applicants
–       Interacts with social networks and job boards
–       Collects information for my compliance requirements
–       Is or can be integrated with my: background vendor, behavioral assessment, etc.
–       Tracks the applicant through the hiring process progression
–       Automates email communication to applicants
–       Includes reports on sourcing, EEO, time to fill, sub cycle, aging, etc.

When an applicant applies, they should be asked for the following information:
–       Contact info
–       EEO data
–       Minimum qualifications
–       Resume
–       Cover Letter
–       Application information
–       Behavioral assessment

When I log into the system, I should be able to:
–       Define the online application process for the applicant
–       Create and post job openings
–       Review ALL applicant information
–       Manage and track the applicant’s process in the hiring process
–       Run keyword searches on applicants’ resumes
–       Send mass email communications to applicants
–       Share applicant data with colleagues for review
–       Invite applicants to complete prehire paperwork through onboarding
–       Transfer new hire data to an HRIS system
–       Submit reports to executives

Does your  end-to-end solution meet all of your applicant tracking needs?  If not, consider a stand alone applicant tracking system that can be integrated with your HRIS.  Just remember, just because you CAN buy them together, it doesn’t always provide you with the solution you need!

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