Poorly Designed Online Applications Could Cost You!

Can you imagine what would happen to Amazon if 30% of their customers dropped out during checkout because they became frustrated with how difficult the process was or they couldn’t figure out how to complete the task?   Ama-zon would be Ama-gone!  Unfortunately, that’s about the number of applicants who typically fail to complete the online application process.

So, why are ATS applications so bad? Most are not designed with the job seeker/end-user in mind. This results in a very poor user experience that frustrates (worse yet even alienates) many job applicants. Here at myStaffingPro, we hope to change this by leveraging some of the same usability principles that have worked for successful eCommerce and Social Networking sites.

With the release of our new online application process, we’ve addressed several areas that typically degrade the applicant/user experience.

1. We built our search screen around the idea that one size does not fit all.

Maybe you like maps, maybe you like searches, or maybe you want to quickly find a job 5 minutes from your house. No problem, as we accommodate all types of applicants by giving them the flexibility to find jobs the way they want to find jobs.

2. Here’s what we know. People are impatient and they don’t like to fill out lengthy forms.
We’ve designed our application process with the applicant in mind. It allows us to collect some basic information up front to prequalify the applicant, and  then allow HR/Recruiter to invite qualified applicants to come back to complete more later. The benefit is we’ll only collect what we absolutely need when we absolutely need it.

3. Are you crazy about your unlimited texting?
No problem! When a job becomes available, we’ll email it, text it, and we’ll provide a way to track job openings via an RSS feed. We know that applicants are  free spirits and we won’t tie them to their email inbox!

4. Ever feel like nobody loves you?
We’ve made it easy to stay in touch so that job applicants don’t feel disenfranchised and disconnected.  Applicants  can stop in the middle of the application and return later to complete it, they can easily check their job status, watch videos online to see what the job is all about, and subscribe to future openings.   If applicants happen to get hung up during the online process, myStaffingPro will provide online technical support designed to get them on their way quickly.   In addition,  recruiters can stay in touch with hiring managers via text and email updates.  After all, your success is our success.

5. Have you ever been in an online application and felt lost without a map, GPS, or road signs?
It is common for an applicant to become disoriented after they are transferred around to different sites and vendors to complete different parts of the application. Not the case with myStaffingPro! We keep your company’s brand throughout the process; provide intuitive navigation, and instructions geared toward the specific job and company to which you are applying.

So, to those 30% of applicants who gave up on the job application and went to play with their cat instead, never fear. Help is on its way!!

To learn more on how you can “Stop the Applicant Suffering!” join myStaffingPro’s webinar on the 10 Steps to a Successful Candidate Application Process” on June 15th at 1pm.

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