What’s in it for me? (WIIFM): Recruiter Benefits of an ATS

Part 1 of the WIIFM series features the benefits of applicant tracking systems to recruiters.  With a hosted applicant tracking system, Recruiters can:

Be a Know-It-All with Info at your Fingertips

  • View data online 24/7 from any internet-enabled computer.  An online applicant tracking system eliminates digging through piles of paperwork in your office to find back information.
  • Know who’s on first.  Online systems track applicants throughout the hiring process, so that recruiters know exactly where each applicant is in the hiring process.
Become “Employee of the Month” with a Reduced Time-To-Fill
  • Stop wasting time with unqualified applicants!   Utilize an automated prescreening process to rank and differentiate applicants. By using prescreening techniques, recruiters can hire the best applicants faster.
  • Kiss manual approvals and feedback goodbye.  Applicant tracking systems, like myStaffingPro, provide an electronic approval and feedback process with status updates and reminders.  The automated process reduces lag time and improves the completion rate.

Spend Time on Recruiting, NOT Administrative Tasks

  • Say good riddance to data entry.  An online applicant tracking system will ask the applicant to enter and provide their information.  This removes the burden of manually entering the applicant’s data.
  • Step away from the phone (even if it’s just for a minute).  Automated tools enable recruiters to improve applicant communication without increasing the burden.   The result is a happier applicant pool that knows exactly where they stand in the hiring process.

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