What’s in it for me? (WIIFM): Executive Benefits of an ATS

Part 2 of the WIIFM series features the benefits of applicant tracking systems to Executives.  With a hosted applicant tracking system, Executives can:
Install Eyes in the Back of your Head with Increased Accountability
  • Review when an applicant was contacted, updated, or reviewed. The built-in accountability provides  immediate details on the applicant’s progress in the hiring process.
  • Find the answers to your questions.  Applicant tracking systems provide a  multitude of reports that can be used to analyze recruiting source effectiveness and pinpoint process bottlenecks
Beat your Competition with a Reduced  Cost-Per-Hire
  • Take advantage of social networking tools and  free job board posting.  The result is a larger applicant pool obtained at a fraction of the price.
  • Implement an automated process that reduces your time-to-fill and improves the quality of the hire
  • Utilize an applicant tracking system to eliminate administrative costs associated with printing and processing applicant data manually
Eliminate Compliance Concerns
  • Experience stress free audits with automated EEO, OFCCP, and E-Verify compliance management tools.
  • Provide compliance information with a moment’s notice with applicant information that is centrally stored and immediately available
To learn WIIFM for myStaffingPro applicant tracking system, please contact us at 800-939-2462 or sales@mystaffingpro.com.

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