Top 10 Ways to Go Green in Your Hiring Process

10 – Save servers, electricity, and pain and suffering by using a cloud-based applicant tracking system like myStaffingPro.

9 – Instead of passing out paper applications at your front desk, direct all applicants to your online career site, or place a desktop computer in your lobby as a simple kiosk applicants can use to apply online.

8 – Replace your Employee Referral forms with an online Employee Referral Portal.

7 – Communicate with your hiring managers via Hiring Manager Quick Response, an easy to use feedback request program – no more chasing down hiring managers or routing forms.

6 – Post job openings to your area community organizations via an automated, electronic solution like MaxOutreach.

5 – Greatly increase your tax credits and save trees by automating your Work Opportunity Tax Credit paperwork (and it doesn’t cost you a thing!)

4 – Deliver your assessments online, and feed the results directly into your online application.

3 – Submit your background checking requests electronically, request FCRA e-signatures from applicants, and auto-import results with an HR-XML integrated background checking company.

2 – Replace your paper applications with an electronic version.  myStaffingPro’s Application Builder document allows you to create an electronic application with just a few clicks.  It is delivered over the web, and is email-able as a pdf.

1 – Use electronic OnBoarding for your New Hire paperwork – so easy for your new hires, and saves a ton of paper!

– Jennifer Brogee

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