Online Portals That Will Revolutionize Your Hiring Process

Candidate Portal a.k.a. Your Career Site

One of the most important elements of your applicant tracking system, the Candidate Portal lists your job openings on your organization’s career site. With myStaffingPro, you get to choose the look and feel of your portal so candidates are comfortable with it as being a trusted part of your overall web site. From the portal, candidates can search for job openings, check the status of their application, or sign up to be notified for future openings. The Candidate Portal is the launching point for the online application – collecting the information that you want from your candidates, and creating an electronic application.

Internal Candidate Portal

The Internal Candidate Portal includes openings that only your internal applicants are eligible to apply for. You can choose to post jobs to just your Internal Candidate Portal, or to post them for a few days on the internal portal only, then to your external Candidate Portal. Your employees can check the status of their applications, or sign up to be notified when new postings are added to the portal.

Employee Referral Portal

The Employee Referral Portal leverages your best and most inexpensive source of applicants – your employees. How it works: Jobs that are available on your external Candidate Portal are also posted to your Employee Referral Portal. Your employees can then browse the jobs and submit potential candidates. When an employee submits a candidate, her name is tied to the application, so you can easily see who referred the new candidate. You have the option to either review the candidates or let myStaffingPro auto-email the candidates, inviting each one to fill out a complete electronic application. Either way, you can build reports identifying the referrals, so you can easily track and reward the employees who submitted candidates.

Hiring Manager Portal

With myStaffingPro’s Hiring Manager Portal, your hiring managers have access to only their own requisitions and candidates. You can customize the portal to give hiring managers the access they need – allowing them to enter feedback about an interview and request a background check, for example. Or, just give read-only access to hiring managers, so they can easily review the status of their applicants, and run reports. Flexible options allow you to configure the hiring manager portal around your specific hiring process.

New Hire OnBoarding Portal

Quickly and easily bring your new hires on board with the New Hire OnBoarding portal. New hires are invited to the portal via email. From the portal, they read information about the organization, step through W4 and I9 forms, review and sign documents, and enter additional information, such as emergency contacts. With myStaffingPro’s eSignature technology, new hires can legally, electronically sign documents, and the documents are stored in our secure document vault, with complete audit trail.

Vendor Portal

The Vendor Portal provides a simple and efficient way for your organization to work with external vendors such as recruiters. Each vendor is assigned a specific portal. You then choose which requisitions you want to push to which vendors. When a requisition is pushed to a vendor, an email with information regarding the new job opening is included. The vendor can then log into their portal to view additional information about the job opening and submit candidates. Candidates submitted are validated with a duplicate check, assigned the vendor as a source, and given a specific status. You can choose to be notified when each new candidate is submitted. Vendors appreciate the ease in submitting new candidates for consideration, and you save a ton of time!

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