Avoid Post Purchase Meltdown

Congratulations, you’ve selected an applicant tracking system (ATS)!

Now what?

To help you have a  smooth transition from purchase to implementation, we have created a typical list of tasks and items needed to get you started.

Task Items Needed
Creating the job opening
  • Create your job descriptions and determine what information should be displayed to the applicant when they apply.
  • Add job descriptions into the ATS
  • Categorize your job descriptions so that they are easy to search for
  • Build a list of locations at your company and enter the information into the ATS
Getting the job opening approved
  • Define and outline the job opening approval process.
  • Compile a list of the approvers and add their contact information into the ATS
  • If your ATS offers it, create approval templates for future use
Advertising the job opening
  • Connect the ATS to the company website with assistance from IT or marketing
  • Create a list of your current recruiting activities and determine what can be automated
  • Coordinate integration phone calls with the ATS and job board(s).
  • Obtain tools and assistance to connect ATS to social media
Prescreening the Applicant Pool
  • Determine the requirements to work at your company.  Do these vary by position?
  • Decide how much information you want to collect from the applicant upfront.  Information collected may include: contact information, EEO data, recruiting/sourcing information,  prescreening questions, resume, cover letter, portfolio examples, application information, etc.
Moving Qualified Applicants through the hiring process
  • Create an outline of EVERY step in the hiring process including every interaction, decision point, and integration needed.
  • Coordinate integration calls.  Prepare and setup calls between the ATS and your background vendor, behavioral assessment company, job boards, E-Verify solution, etc.
  • Build your ATS applicant workflow according to your hiring process outline.
Automate Administrative Tasks
  • Implement automated communication tools to reduce applicant call volume
  • Activate functionality for applicants to check their status 24/7
Selecting the Applicant(s) for Hire
  • Create an offer letter template and implement the template into your ATS
  • Compile prehire/onboarding paperwork and integrate data collection and signing with the ATS
  • Coordinate HRIS integration call and implementation
Creating user access
  • Determine who is involved in the hiring process and the interactions that they are associated with.  Do they create requisitions, approve requisitions, manage interviews, drive the selection process, submit offers, etc?
  • Decide who needs access to the applicant tracking system to complete their assigned tasks
  • Create the users and limit their access to those tasks that they need to perform.
Preparing Users for “Go Live”
  • Provide an outline of hiring process and specify any changes
  • Coordinate and setup user training on the applicant tracking system
  • Supply an outline of “go live” process and set expectations

Trying to tackle all of these tasks on your own can be down right overwhelming.  To avoid post purchase meltdown, we suggest that you work closely with your ATS vendor/consultant.  At myStaffingPro, we provide you with a designated client services manager that will assist you throughout the implementation process.  For more information about myStaffingPro, please go to http://mystaffingpro.com.

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