Now Hiring

Everywhere that you look there are signs posted “Hiring Holiday Help”. According to CNN, retailers are expected to add nearly 600,000 holiday jobs.  So that quantity doesn’t overshadow quality, what tools are you providing to your hiring managers so that they can make the best hire possible?

Please use the guide below to outline your current hiring process and identity opportunities for automation.

  1. Define the hiring manager’s tasks throughout the hiring process, including:
    • Advertising the position
    • Accepting applications
    • Qualifying the applicant pool against:
      • Minimum requirements
      • Behavioral aptitude
      • Previous work history
      • Background verification
    • Conducting interviews
    • Submitting an offer
    • Completing pre-hire paperwork
    • Preparing the applicant for their first day
  2. Apply automation to ensure consistency and reduce administrative tasks.   With the power of automation,  hiring managers are able to focus on interviewing and hiring applicants rather than completing monotonous  administrative tasks.  Automation can be achieved through implementing an applicant tracking system (ATS). With an ATS, you can automate:
    • Creating the opening
    • Posting it to accept applications
    • Publicizing the opening through job boards, social media, newspapers, and events
    • Qualifying the applicant against minimal qualifications, a background check, and a behavioral assessment
    • Collecting an online application
    • Tracking and communicating with the applicant throughout the hiring process
    • Scheduling interviews and providing the manager with an interview guide
    • Creating the offer letter and receiving approval
    • Collecting signatures on the pre-hire paperwork
    • Transferring the applicant’s data to a HRIS

For more information on how you can automate your hiring process, please contact the myStaffingPro sales team at 800-939-2462.

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