Tools for Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are the biggest source for hiring.   The benefits of a successful employee referral programs include:

  • Reduced cost per hire
  • Decreased risk since the potential hire is prescreened by a current employee
  • Lower advertising costs
  • Current employees gain a sense of ownership
  • Increased moral in the hiring process and your company
  • New hires have a built-in network for support
  • Higher employee retention rates

What incentives are you providing to encourage employee “buy-in”?    After all, if your employees aren’t excited about it, your response will be zilch.

  • Day off of work
  • Cold hard cash
  • Public recognition at a meeting or on your intranet
  • Donation to the charity of their choice
  • Coveted prizes – trips, gadgets, gift cards, etc?
  • Good ole fashion fear tactic

What tools are you providing so that employees can submit a referral?  Think K.I.S.S.  “Keep it Simple, Stupid”.  Make sure your employee referral program is easy to use, and that the employee gets credit for their referral.  Your employee referral program should provide:

  • Capability to share the opening on social networks (Including the ability to post to Twitter and Facebook)
  • Ability to email the job to a friend
  • Functionality to subscribe to an RSS feed
  • Portal to submit applicants and/or resumes
  • Source information about who referred the potential hire
  • Reporting functionality so that it is easy to track and maintain

myStaffingPro applicant tracking system has a full suite of employee referral tools.   Please contact us to find out how you can start capitalizing on the benefits of employee referrals.

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