Don’t be an Information Hoarder

I admit that I watch the A&E show “Hoarders”.  While watching the most recent episode in shock (and disgust) I was reminded of a certain application process and its similarities to this show.

Although it’s necessary to collect SOME information, at some point enough is enough.  (I’d prefer this realization on the 4th kitten figurine instead of the 2342304280394, but I digress.)  In terms of your application process, when is enough enough?

I challenge you to review your application process and actually APPLY to one of your positions.  As you apply, ask yourself:

  • Is this question appropriate?
  • Is it relevant to the opening?
  • Am I asked the same question over and over?
  • Was the process confusing or hard to complete?

My suggestion would be to streamline the process by only collecting what you need when you need it.  To do this, split the data collection process into three steps:

  1. Initial screening
  2. Pre-interview
  3. Pre-hire

The tiered data collection process enables you to collect the relevant information for the appropriate applicants.   (Instead of collecting everything from everyone)  For example, do you really need the emergency contact information from the applicant who was disqualified?  Do you need references upfront?

Take the challenge, and in 2011 stop torturing your applicants!

Julia Friemering is the Marketing Specialist for myStaffingPro applicant tracking system.  myStaffingPro offers a tiered application process and onboarding functionality to collect information from applicants at various steps in the hiring process.  For more information about myStaffingPro, please go to

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