Shovel your Way Out with Applicant Tracking

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Old man winter has officially terrorized the Midwest.  As a lifetime Midwesterner, you would think that I would have a 4 wheel drive vehicle and a snow blower gassed up and ready for such occasions.  In actuality, neither of those things are the case.  This morning as I dutifully tried to go to work, my cute red sports car failed to make it even out of the driveway.  Needless to say, I didn’t have the tools I needed to shovel myself out.

After hours of manual labor and a couple choice words, I was finally freed from the frozen tundra.  My delay this morning could have been prevented if I would have had the right tools in place (I’m talking about a snow blower…..I’m still not ready to give up my car).  This winter, are you still completing tasks manually that could easily be completed with technology?  Free your recruiters from administrative tasks, and ward off a snowfall of data entry with an applicant tracking system.  With an applicant tracking system, you can recruit, qualify, track, and hire the best applicants faster.   Before the snowfall puts you out, contact us to learn how you can implement myStaffingPro applicant tracking system for your organization.

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