myStaffingPro 2011 Goals

New Year, new goals!   This year we are ringing in the New Year with a biggest loser competition and new goals for each department.  Drum roll please…in no order our goals are as follows:

Biggest Loser Goal: As a team, lose 10%

Executive Team: To continue to listen to the suggestions and ideas of our customers and partners and to use that information to improve our product and the value proposition that we provide to our customers.

Sales: Help our clients gain a competitive edge by providing them with the best applicant tracking system and excellent customer service

Marketing: Continue to expand on our use of non-traditional media.  In 2011, we would like to provide users and potential customers with as much information as possible about  myStaffingPro applicant tracking system.  Our goal in 2011 is to incorporate more videos, webcasts, and content creation into our marketing mix.

Client and Customer Services: To take implementation a step further by expanding our consulting services. In 2011, we want to provide you with more than software. We want to ensure that myStaffingPro is a tool that is configured to your hiring process.

Database/Network: In 2011, we will continue to be so good that no one knows who we are.  We work hard so that you have no reason to call us.

Development: Put more flexibility in the hands of our users!  Although myStaffingPro has always been the most configurable ATS, our users still want more!  So we’re going to give you more flexibility in 2011 –the power to build your own dashboard from scratch, choosing from a smorgasbord of widgets – the power to create custom applicant lists using any data field to view, filter by, sort, export and share – the power to create new career sites on the fly – as many as you want – the power to customize the look and feel of all the screens in your online application – and much more.  You’ve got the power baby!

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