Make Anything

It’s amazing what people can come up with when they have the same general tools available to them.  Some, take a supply of Legos, follow the instructions, and build a standard house.  Others can recreate the Delorean and The Ohio State University Stadium. But this isn’t a blog about Legos, I mean I couldn’t even make it through a round of Creationary at Christmas.

Instead it’s a challenge to rethink the tools that are available to you.  If time (and money) were not an issue, how would you recreate your hiring process?  Just because the building the standard house is easy, it doesn’t mean that it has to be the only option or that it is the best option.   For example, throughout myStaffingPro we offer templates and guides to assist companies in setting up their applicant tracking system.  I often wonder how many companies use these resources as a crutch rather than a springboard.  I mean, just because you receive the instructions with the Lego kit, it doesn’t mean you have to use them (unless the law requires you to).  But, the truth is, no one knows your hiring process better than you do.  So what will you choose?

PS – I’ll send a prize to the first person that sends me the myStaffingPro logo made out of Legos.

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